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About Wintrust Wealth Management

Wintrust Wealth Management provides a broad range of financial services to private clients and institutions. Since their founding in 1931 as Wayne Hummer & Co., they have been helping clients meet their increasingly complex financial goals with the highest standards of service and integrity.

Wintrust’s private clients include business owners, working professionals, executives, and retirees. They value our services for the time it saves them, the opportunities that our expertise creates for them, and the peace of mind they have from knowing their financial picture is being handled by someone they can trust. Our institutional clients include public and corporate pension plans, Taft-Hartley plans, foundations, and endowments.

Wintrust Wealth Management has helped generations of clients and families make their financial goals a reality. Because of our affiliation with your community bank, our full range of wealth management services – including banking, brokerage, trust administration, estate planning, and asset management – are conveniently available at your hometown bank branch. Our services are designed to be used individually to meet specific tactical objectives or in concert with one another to form a well-orchestrated financial strategy.

We deliver our unique brand of wealth management services through our three companies:  Wayne Hummer Investments, The Chicago Trust Company, and Great Lakes Advisors.

For more information on Wintrust Wealth Management, please contact your Wintrust Wealth Financial Advisor.

Securities provided by Wayne Hummer Investments, LLC (Member SIPC). Accounts carried by First Clearing Corp. (member NYSE/SIPC). Trust and Asset Management services provided by The Chicago Trust Company, N.A. and Great Lakes Advisors, LLC respectively.

Investments products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds: